Skittle Alleys For Sale







What’s included with your Bowling Alley

  • All skittle alleys are manufactured from top quality hardwood plywood
  • A 27ft or 21ft  (approx.) skittle alley with a return gulley to return the balls back to the start.
  • The 27ft  skittle alley can be reduced to 21 ft to provide flexibility if used at different sites.
  • A catch box at the end of the skittle alley to catch the balls and skittles.
  • Steel protection strips at the start and finish of each  skittle alley to protect the edges from damage and wear and tear from the balls and skittles.
  • A cushion which goes inside the catch box at the end of the skittle alley to absorb the impact and reduce the level of noise.
  • Nine wooden skittles and three composite resin bowling balls.

Key Features

  • All skittle alleys are built using best quality hardwood plywood and include steel strips at each end of the alley.
  • The skittle alley sections are light and manageable so they are easy to move from storage and assemble.
  • The skittle alley can be easily stored in a space 3ft 6″ wide x  6ft 6″ height  x  1ft 6″ depth.
  • It takes approx. 10 minutes for two persons to assemble one skittle alley and the same time to dismantle.
  • Each skittle alley comes with a return ball gulley from start to finish which enables the balls to be returned safely for the next bowler.
  • All accessories are provided; balls, skittles, back cushion, assembly instructions, rules and any guidance required on care and use of your skittle alley.
  • Portable Skittle Alleys can be used by all ages (from ages 4 upwards) and abilities so can be used for a wide variety of occasions.